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Sugar esters (SEs) have a wide range of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) values (1–16) and hence can be applied as surfactants or as solubility or penetration enhancers. They can be used for hot melt technology and solvent method which are frequently applied techniques to preparation of solid dispersions. In this study drug-SE products were prepared by physical mixing, melt technology and solvent methods. The products were investigated by DSC, X-ray powder diffraction and dissolution tests. Diclofenac sodium (DS) as model drug and two SEs, P1670 (HLB=16) and S970 (HLB=9) were used for the preparation of the products. DSC curves revealed considerable melting range and enthalpy decreases for the DS-SE products. The dissolved drug molecules broke down the structures of the SEs but were not built into the crystalline phase of the carrier. The melt technology led to a solid dispersion while in the case of the solvent methods the DS was in molecularly dispersed form which resulted in faster dissolution. The drug release was influenced by the structures resulting from the various treatments, by the HLB and by the gel-forming behaviour of the SEs.

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