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Acta Botanica Hungarica
Authors: S. Y. Kondratyuk, L. Lőkös, J. A. Kim, A. S. Kondratiuk, M.-H. Jeong, S. H. Jang, S.-O. Oh, X. Y. Wang, and J.-S. Hur

The robust monophyletic branch having the highest level of bootstrap support in the phylogenetical tree of the Teloschistaceae based on combined data set of ITS, LSU nrDNA and 12S SSU mtDNA sequences, which does not belong to any other earlier proposed genera of the subfamily Caloplacoideae, is described as the new genus Fauriea S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös et J.-S. Hur, gen. nova for lecanoroid South Korean Caloplaca chujaensis, and newly described Eastern Chinese Fauriea orientochinensis. Descriptions of the new genus Fauriea and the species Fauriea orientochinensis, a comparison with closely related taxa and a discussion of their position are provided. New name Tayloriellina is proposed for the genus of the subfamily Brownlielloideae Tayloriella S. Y. Kondr., Kärnefelt, A. Thell, Elix et Hur (nom. illeg., non Tayloriella Kylin, Rhodomebaceae, Rhodophyta). New combinations for type species of the genera Fauriea and Tayloriellina (i.e.: Fauriea chujaensis (basionym: Caloplaca chujaensis S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös et J.-S. Hur), and Tayloriellina erythrosticta (basionym: Lecanora erythrosticta Taylor)) are proposed. Fauriea chejuensis and Biatora pseudosambuci are for the first time recorded for China.

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