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evidence against an analysis of the weak nominative enclitics as agreement suffixes glued directly onto the T head. I therefore propose that utterances such as (29a) and (29b) be treated as the product of a special adjustment rule, one that applies late in

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Acta Botanica Hungarica
Authors: G. K. Mishra, D. K. Upreti, S. Nayaka, A. Thell, I. Kärnefelt, L. Lőkös, J.-S. Hur, G. P. Sinha, and S. Y. Kondratyuk

"glued" to the substrate, areolate in the centre and distinctly effigurate at the margin, but flat in all parts, brownish orange, apothecia remaining immersed, disc often irregular in outline, 8.5-14 × 4.0-5.5 μm ascospores, septa 2-4 μm wide. Chemistry

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wheel outside on the shoulder. Fired greyish-black in places. In a large spot on the rim and inside and outside rust-coloured discolouration. Glued, intact vessel. Md: 8 cm, h: 9 cm, fd: 4.5 cm, wt: 0.4 cm. Fs: floor, room built in the north wing, to the

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