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consistency and test–retest reliability ( Fossati et al., 2003 ). In this study, Cronbach’s α values for ASQ scales ranged from .72 to .85 and were in line with Fossati et al.’s ( 2003 ) study. Statistical analyses

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Ivar Snorrason, Ragnar P. Olafsson, David C. Houghton, Douglas W. Woods, and Han-Joo Lee

internal consistency and test–retest reliability of the Wanting and Liking subscales, as well as their relation with four validity criteria: positive affect during picking the following week, symptom severity the following week, degree of cue-reactivity and

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.0; IBM, 2013 ) for coding and cleaning the data ( Dörnyei & Taguchi, 2010 ) as well as for statistical analyses. Principal component analysis (PCA), reliability analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, paired samples t -test, correlation analysis, and

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Atroszko , P. A. ( 2014 ). Developing brief scales for educational research: Reliability of single-item self-report measures of learning engagement and exam stress . In M. McGreevy & R. Rita (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1st Biannual CER

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Authors: G. Derrick, H. Sturk, A. Haynes, S. Chapman, and W. Hall


Reliability of citation searches is a cornerstone of bibliometric research. The authors compare simultaneous search returns at two sites to demonstrate discrepancies that can occur as a result of differences in institutional subscriptions to the Web of Science and Web of Knowledge. Such discrepancies may have significant implications for the reliability of bibliometric research in general, but also for the calculation of individual and group indices used for promotion and funding decisions. The authors caution care when describing the methods used in bibliometric analysis and when evaluating researchers from different institutions. In both situations a description of the specific databases used would enable greater reliability.

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Weyer, G., Erzigkeit, H., Kanowski, S., et al.: Alzheimer’s disease Assessment Scale: reliability and validity in a multicenter clinical trial. Int. Psychogeriatr., 1997, 9 , 123–138. Kanowski S

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computational procedure of the excess functions from enthalpies of fusion data of the eutectic phases confirms their reliability and authenticity in predicting the non-ideal nature of liquidus solutions of the binary systems, since the excess functions express

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Elsődleges érzelmek mérése affektív idegtudományi megközelítésben: módszertani áttekintés

Measuring Primary Emotions from an Affective Neuroscience Perspective: Methodological Review

Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
Author: Deák Anita

version of the ANPS-Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales 2.4 (reliability and validity) . Clinical Neuropsychiatry , 14 ( 4 ), 263 – 274 . Gurfi kel , Y ., Mileo , R. A ., Da onseca , M. S. M ., & Esposito , S. B . ( 2018 ). Tradução para

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Authors: Sándor Rózsa, Rita Kálmán, Natasa Kő, Henriett Nagy, Titanilla Fiáth, Anna Magi, Andrea Eisinger, and Attila Oláh

. , Matsumoto , D. , Ekman , P. , Hearn , V. , Heider , K. , Kudoh , T. , Ton , V. ( 1997 ): Matsumoto and Ekman´s Japanese and Caucasian Facial Expressions of Emotion (JACFEE): Reliability Data and Cross-National Differences . Journal of Nonverbal

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, 1383—1401. Hoyle, R.H., Stephenson, M.T., Palmgreen, P., Lorch, E.P., & Donohew, L. (2002). Reliability and validity of scores on a brief measure of sensation seeking. Personality and Individual Differences, 32, 401

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