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. [ 15–16 ] investigated the efficiency of the installation of VEDs for reducing the resonant response of a short simply supported railway bridge. Tsai and Lee [ 17 ] developed a finite element model based on fractional derivatives in order to study the

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Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis
Authors: Viorel Chihaia, Karl Sohlberg, Monica Dan, Maria Mihet, Alexandru R. Biris, Petru Marginean, Valer Almasan, George Borodi, Fumiya Watanabe, Alexandru S. Biris, and Mihaela D. Lazar

occupies 6.5 Å 2 . Temperature-programmed surface reactions H 2 temperature program reduction (H 2 TPR) was conducted in an installation composed by: a gas introduction unit, a U shaped reactor and a thermal

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receiver tubes in a 50 MW concentrated solar power plant ,” J. Solar Energy , vol. 139 , pp. 36 – 46 , 2016 . 10.1016/j.solener.2016.09.017 [9] J. Pytilinski , “ Solar energy installations for pumping irrigation water ,” J. Solar Energy , vol. 21

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Authors: Vincent Larivière, Etienne Vignola-Gagné, Christian Villeneuve, Pascal Gélinas, and Yves Gingras

( 1986 ) found that male adjunct professors from the University of Michigan received more money for their laboratories and had access to better installations than their female colleagues. Similar results were obtained in an analysis of the status of women

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red / Communist star on the first Folk Arts and Industrial Arts Exhibition. (Schubert – Balassa (eds.) 1953) Figure III.4 Sinicki: Installation of electricity on the Tundra, mammoth bone carving. ( Weiner 1952 . Illustration plate No. XVIII

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knowledge, the local heritage museum could be restored in Magyarlukafa, and the installation of the basic infrastructure needed for facilitating the day to day life of the village could be urged with reference to the camp. Katalin Kovács social scientist

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Fourth Geneva Convention, as it ‘covers not only acts directed against people but also acts directed against installations which would cause victims as a side-effect.‘ 58 It should also be mentioned that Art. 13 (2) of the ADII states that ‘[t

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, animal carcasses were buried after usable animal materials, e.g. skins, animal meal, bone oil, horse skins, hides and hair, had been obtained in mobile rendering installations of veterinary companies [ 261 ]. Although these activities were associated with

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