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daizōkyō nishahon o chūshin to shita Kan, Zōyaku kan no idō ni tsuite 『梵天所問経』研究ノート (1): 西蔵大蔵経二写本を中心とした漢・蔵訳間の異同について [Notes to the Brahmaparipṛcchā (1): On the divergences between the Chinese and Tibetan translations based on the two manuscripts of the

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. Tsui , Lik Hang 2015 . ‘ Bureaucratic Influences on Letters in Middle Period China: Observations from Manuscript letters and Literary Discourse .’ In: Richter 2015 : 363 – 397

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. Gill , Kook-Hee , Steve Harlow and George Tsoulas . 2006 . Disjunction and indeterminatebased quantification in Korean. Manuscript . University of York. Groenendijk , Jeroen and

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’ , Oleksandr [Гаркавец, Олександр] 1993 . Вірмено-кипчатскі рукописи в Україні, Вірменії, Росії: Каталог [Armeno-Kipchak manuscripts in Ukraine, Armenia, Russia: Catalogue] . Київ : Украї-нознавство . Garkavets , Aleksandr [Гаркавец, Александр] 2002

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. Roeper , Thomas . 1999 . Universal bilingualism . Manuscript , University of Massachusetts , Amherst . Thom , René . 1972 . Stabilité structurelle et

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Inner Asian Languages] 23 : 17 – 33 . Matsui Dai 松井太 2010 . ‘ Uigur Manuscripts Related to the Monks Sivsidu and Yaqsidu at “Аbitа-Саvе Temple” of Toyoq.’ In: Academia Turfanica (ed.) Journal of Turfan Studies: Essays of the Third

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works) and the copyright date 1930. A set of manuscript orchestral and choral parts (and the manuscript full score of certain music numbers) are kept under the shelf mark Népsz. 1393, which belong, however, to the incidental music and were used on the

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Acta Linguistica Academica
Authors: Quentin Dabouis, Guillaume Enguehard, Jean-Michel Fournier, and Nicola Lampitelli

représentation exclusivement squelettale de l’accent: Argumentation à partir de données du same du sud, du live, du norrois et du russe . Doctoral dissertation. University Paris 7 . Fidelholtz , James L. 1966 . Vowel reduction in English . Manuscript

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Acta Ethnographica Hungarica
Authors: Anna Ridovics, Zoltán May, Bernadett Bajnóczi, and Mária Tóth

, Cipriano 2007 : The Three Books of the Potter’s Art (I tre libri dell’arte del vasaio). Facsimile of the manuscript in the Victoria and Albert Museum . Translated and introduced by Ronald Lightbrow and Alan Caiger- Smith. London, 2nd edition, Editions La

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Life of Forests in Magyaregregy. Forests and Forest Ownership in Magyaregregy.] Ethnographic Contest. The Magyaregregy Homeland Study Group, Head: Csermavölgyi Endréné. Manuscript. Janus Pannonius Múzeum Néprajzi Osztály adattára, Lsz.: 38 ‒ 76

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