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Recently, super rice has gained much importance due to its high yield potential while exogenous application of plant growth regulators (PGRs) is an important aspect in plant development and defense responses under stress conditions. In this study we conducted two pot experiments. Firstly, four super rice cultivars, viz. Peizataifeng, Huayou 213, Yuxiangyouzhan and Huahang 31 were subjected to a series of five chilling temperatures, i.e. 11 °C, 12 °C, 13 °C, 14 °C and 15 °C (day/night) for about 25–27 days. Secondly, seeds of Peizataifeng (super rice) and Yuejingsimiao 2 (non-super rice) were then treated with different combinations of salicylic acid (SA), brassinolide (BR), calcium chloride (CaCl2) and fulvic acid (FA) and then exposed to chilling stress at 13 °C for four days. Resultantly, Peizataifen (super rice) was found with the lowest seedling survival rate at all chilling temperatures among all four super rice cultivars, however, it was still found more resistant when compared with Yuejingsimiao 2 (non-super rice) in the second experiment. Furthermore synergistic effect of all PGRs alleviated low temperature stress in both rice cultivars by improving seedling survival rates, leaf area, seedling dry weight, seedling height, root morphology and by modulating antioxidant enzymes, improving proline content and lowering lipid peroxidation.

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The13C kinetic isotope fractionation in the decarbonylation of lactic acid of natural isotopic composition by sulfuric acid has been studied in the temperature range of 20–80°C. The13C(1) isotope separation in the decarbonylation of lactic acid by concentrated sulfuric acid depends strongly on the temperature above 40°C. Below this temperature the13C isotope effect in the decarbonylation of lactic acid by concentrated sulfuric acid is normal similarly as has been found inthe decarbonylation of lactic [1-14C] acid. The experimental values of k(12C)/k(13C) ratios of isotopic rate constants for12C and13C are close to, but slightly higher than theoretical13C-kinetic isotope effects calculated (neglecting tunneling) under the asumption that the C(1)-OH bond is broken in the rate-controlling step of the dehydration reaction. Dilution of concentrated sulfuric acid with water up to 1.4 molar (H2O)/(H2SO4) ratio caused the increase of the13C isotope fractionation from 1.0273 found in concentrated sulfuric acid at 80.5°C to 1.0536±0.0008 (at 80.6°C). A discussion of the abnormally high temperature dependence of14C and13C isotope fractionation in this reaction and the discussion of the problem of relative14C/13C kinetic isotope effects is given.

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Central European Geology
Authors: József Fekete, Csanád Sajgó, István Horváth, Zoltán Kárpáti, István Vetõ, and Magdolna Hetényi

J. Deák 1989 Environmental isotope study ( 14 C, 13 C, 18 O, D, noble gases) on deep groundwater circulation systems in Hungary with reference to paleoclimate Radiocarbon

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enantiomers obtained in MS/MS mode The signal that appears at m/z = 206 (RI = 32.8%) refers to the appearance of the molecular ion [C 13 H 18 O 2 ] + . The moderate intensity reflects the stability of the molecular

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1 Lacosamide 3.85 251.1382 251.1390 −3.18 C 13 H 19 N 2 O 3 219.1119 209.1273 177.1008 144.0651 116.0704 108.0808 91.0546 74

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Acta Alimentaria
Authors: B. Šimundić, G. Krešić, A. Živkovićb, and B. Medugorac

, B., Kniewald, Z. & Kniewald, J. (2003): Cytotoxic effects of organochlorine insecticides in baby hamster kidney (BHK 21 C13) cell line. Proceedings of scientific conference: Biotechnology and food. Curr. Stud. Biotechnol. , 3 , 177

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21 −62.28 r (Si11–C13) 1.8939 ∠H21–C8–Si7 110.85 C4–Si7–C9–H24

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MM . 2005 . Impact of Deficit Irrigation on Water Use Efficiency and Carbon Isotope Composition (Delta C-13) . of Field-Grown Grapevines under Mediterranean Climate . Journal of Experimental Botany 56 : 2163 – 2172 . [8

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940 Fisher, N. C., Nightingale, P. G., Lipkin, G. és mtsa: P/C13/32 Renal failure in long-term survivors of liver transplantation. J. Hepatol., 1997, 26 (Suppl. 1) , 152

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Adney Luís A. da Silva, Guilherme G. G. Castro, and Mariana M. V. M. Souza

0.31 28.0 a = 5.4324; c = 13.3509 LSCC 0.40 33

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