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was measured by DSC at a heating rate of 10 °C min −1 . Figure 6 presents the melting curves of isothermally crystallized iPP/MSW and iPP/MSW/PP-g-MAH composites at different crystallization temperatures. The melting profile of the samples appears as

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ratio of Δ H m to Δ H m 0 , Δ H m 0 of perfect PP crystals has been reported as 148 J g −1 [ 39 ]. Fig. 1 DSC cooling–melting curves of different WF content at 10 K min −1

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-mediated PCR clamping and melting curve analysis: comparison with restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis Clin Chemistry 50 481 489 . 13

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.6 – It can be clearly seen from the DSC melting curves of β -PP that there are four endothermic peaks for β -PP. The double low-temperature melting peaks are attributed to the β -crystal, and two endothermic peaks at high-temperature belong to α

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The influence of flow rate on the melting curve for an indium having a mass of 285 ng is seen in Fig. 4 . Increasing the flow rate causes a shift in the melting onset towards lower temperatures. Still, the variations are found to be limited to 1 °C

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: Ali Konaté, René Dembélé, Assèta Kagambèga, Issiaka Soulama, Wendpoulomdé A. D. Kaboré, Emmanuel Sampo, Haoua Cissé, Antoine Sanou, Samuel Serme, Soumanaba Zongo, Cheikna Zongo, Alio Mahamadou Fody, Nathalie K. Guessennd, Alfred S. Traoré, Amy Gassama-Sow, and Nicolas Barro

Escherichia coli by use of melting-curve analysis and real-time multiplex PCR . J Clin Microbiol 46 , 1752 – 1757 ( 2008 ) 24. Okeke IN

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temperature. Further inspection of the data in Fig. 1 suggests that LDPE-5 may be differentiated from the other samples; however, analysis of a multiple of DSC melting curves shows a large standard deviation in the measured peak melt temperature indicating

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-scan 440.5, 443.4 98.2 These reversing melting curves exhibited overlapped double melting endotherms from SDSC and QI curves and overlapped triple melting

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Biologia Futura
Authors: Gaigai Du, Liyuan Wang, Huawei Li, Peng Sun, Jianmin Fu, Yujing Suo, Weijuan Han, Songfeng Diao, Yini Mai, and Fangdong Li

, TUB , and UBQ ) were screened for normalization of gene expression measurements. All candidate reference genes exhibited smooth melting curves with a single peak, showing that the primers were highly specific. Gene amplification curves for each sample

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Crystallisation behaviour of palm oil nanoemulsions carrying vitamin E

DSC and synchrotron X-ray scattering studies

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Rizwan Shukat, Claudie Bourgaux, and Perla Relkin

shown in Fig. 3 . The shape of the melting curves of PO samples in bulk phases (PO and POV) showed the presence of low, medium and high melting temperature peaks, whereas PO samples in emulsions without vitamin showed only two distinguishable melting

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