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Abbad, H., Jaafari, S.E.L., Bort, J., Araus, J.L. 2003. Comparison of flag leaf and ear photosynthesis with biomass and grain yield of durum wheat under various water conditions and genotypes. Agronomie 24

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Acta Alimentaria
Authors: L. Bóna, N. Adányi, R. Farkas, E. Szanics, E. Szabó, Gy. Hajós, A. Pécsváradi, and E. Ács

Adams, M.L. , Lombi, E. , Zhao, F.J. & McGrath, S.J. (2002): Evidence of low selenium concentration in UK bread-making wheat grain. J. Sci. Fd. Agric. , 82 , 1160

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Acta Biologica Hungarica
Authors: C. Sempruch, B. Leszczyński, Agnieszka Wójcicka, M. Makosz, H. Matok, and G. Chrzanowski

399 408 Leszczyński, B., Wright, L. C., Bąkowski, T. (1989) Effect of secondary plany substances on winter wheat resistance to grain aphid. Ent. Exp. Appl. 52 , 135

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103 Bottalico, A., Perrone, G. 2002. Toxigenic Fusarium species and mycotoxins associated with head blight in small-grain cereals in Europe. European Journal of Plant Pathology 108

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689 696 Josipovic, M., Jambrovic, A., Plavsic, H., Liovic, I., Sostaric, J. (2007): Responses of grain composition traits to high plant density in irrigated maize hybrids

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Alvaro, F., Isidro, J., Villegas, D., Garcia del Moral, L.F., Royo, C. 2008. Breeding effects on grain filling, biomass partitioning and remobilization in Mediterranean durum wheat. Agron. J. 100 :361

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Cereal Research Communications
Authors: R. Redaelli, G. Scalfati, R. Ciccoritti, P. Cacciatori, E. De Stefanis, and D. Sgrulletta

Brunner, B.R., Freed, R.D. 1994. Oat grain β -glucan content as affected by nitrogen level, location and year. Crop Sci. 34 :473–476. Freed R.D. Oat grain β-glucan content as affected

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reconstituted for soup making. The ingredients used for tarhana preparation can vary from region to region, however, cereals and yogurt are the main components ( D aǧlioǧlu , 2000 ). Immature rice grain is one of the by-products of rice milling process. Immature

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with grain against populations of Tribolium castaneum . J. Stored Products Research 41 , 121 – 130 . Arthur , F. H. ( 1996 ): Grain protectants: current status and prospects for the future . J. Stored Products Research 32 , 293 – 302

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Hortal, J., P.A.V. Borges and C. Gaspar. 2006. Evaluating the performance of species richness estimators: sensitivity to sample grain size. J. Animal Ecol. 75: 274–287. Gaspar C

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