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Let, for each n?N, (X i,n)0 ? i ? nbe a triangular array of stationary, centered, square integrable and associated real valued random variables satisfying the weakly dependence condition lim N ? N 0limsup n ? + 8 nSr=N nCov (X 0,n, X r,n)=0;where N 0is either infinite or the first positive integer Nfor which the limit of the sum nSr=N nCov (X 0,n, X r,n) vanishes as n goes to infinity. The purpose of this paper is to build, from (X i,n)0 ? i ? n, a sequence of independent random variables (X˜i,n)0 ? i ? nsuch that the two sumsSi =1 n X i,nandSi =1 n X˜i,nhave the same asymptotic limiting behavior (in distribution).

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The range of violence comprises severe physical abuse and different methods of mental torture as well as social discrimination. Beside the traumas themselves, these acts also burden the victims with shame. Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen (born 1977) discusses these issues in her works. As a writer, Oksanen is very sensitive to social issues, discrimination and the unfairness of history. Most of her characters suffer from the shame of inferiority caused by physical or mental violence. Oksanen analyzes the influence of shame in our lives, and her characters demonstrate several different responses to the feeling.

Eyesight and our looks play an important role in recognizing or hiding the humiliating episodes of our past. Appearance often reflects all our inner struggles and represents our mental state, wherefore a given individual’s manner of personal care and habits of shaping the body reveal a great deal about the person. Personal and beauty care come up in different ways in Oksanen’s novels and have varying symbolic meanings, but they have at least one thing in common: they are related to creating a false identity, one which is more acceptable for those in the surrounding environment.

This paper analyzes the mechanism of shame connected to the feeling of inferiority, concentrating on four of Oksanen’s novels (Stalin’s Cows, Baby Jane, Purge and When the Doves Disappeared). Although violence can lead to mental disorders and the shame of inferiority also belongs to the domain of emotions, the paper focuses on the physical consequences of the victims’ mental state, which can vary from severe physical disorders to everyday personal grooming or beauty care.

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Let G be a finite group. Let p(G) denote the minimal degree of a faithful permutation representation ofG and let q(G) and c(G) denote the minimal degree of a faithful representation of G by quasi-permutation matrices over the rational and the complex numbers, respectively. Finally r(G) denotes the minimal degree of a faithful rational valued complex character of G. The purpose of this paper is to calculate p(G), q(G), c(G) and r(G) for the group SP(4,q).

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In this article I will point out to the role of music in the Day of Youth, the most important state holiday in the socialist Yugoslavia. I will show that in the afterwar period, the music for the jamboree was selected in order to highlight certain important events from the People’s Liberation Struggle, so that it consisted in the combination of traditional, partisan and folk songs, and it was regularly related to Tito himself. After Tito’s death in 1980, the Day of Youth was in crisis, together with the country, but despite that, the celebrations were organized almost until the very end of Yugoslavia. The celebrations after Tito were marked by a tendency to overcome the crisis of the ideology of “brotherhood and unity,” so that it was concluded that the Day of Youth should be modernized. I argue that the music played a crucial role in the process, leading to the promulgation of rock and roll as “our future,” i.e. the future of the young. The collectivities that were represented in the jamboree also changed in accordance with the music, so that those in the 1980s included casual rock and roll dancing instead of traditional round dances.

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