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object followed by deletion of object features on T in cases of conflicting features between those of the subject and those of the object, by resorting once again to syntactic impoverishment rules targeting v and T. A similar treatment is also applied

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Heritage over the last ten years, research topics devoted to various aspects of safeguarding traditional village dances considered to be national intangible cultural heritage are given preferential treatment in both academic circles and by the wider public

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, Claudio – Verly , Georges 2013 Ritual treatment of weapons as a correlate of structural change in the Italian LBA communities: the bronze hoard of Pila del Brancon (Nogara, Verona) . Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche (Firenze) 63

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extant phi-features on F Q which value T fin first. This could be particularly interesting if one takes the numeral in these constructions to be nominal in its own right, which is not discussed by the book in the context of the ANS. The treatment of

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Hungary on the most favoured nation (MFN) treatment of 25 developing countries(DAROK Class No. 732.299BL/HG 1972. Reg. No. 5242. Film No. I-0038. File No. 09. Frame No. 0001-001). 5 DAROK Class No. 765.6HG 1971. Reg. No. 4666. Film No. N-0010. File No. 16

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Collection ). In terms of the practice of critical editions of Hungarian folkloristics and literary studies, this volume is unusual in several respects. For an edition to offer a philological and textological treatment of manuscript and print versions of

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Tense? (Re)lax!

A new formalisation for a controversial contrast

Acta Linguistica Academica
Author: Markus A. Pöchtrager

mnemonic I will use “L-type” and “T-type” for the two sets in (1); on the understanding that I do not therefore give preferential treatment to the terms tense/lax, even though it is of course clear where the letters T and L come from. Obviously, when using

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place according to a regulated procedure, the individual treatment of which (although instructive from an anthropological point of view) lies outside the scope of the present study. There are tasks related to organization and topic selection prior to the

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Metamorphoses of a Comic Book About a Girl from the Socialist Bloc . Across Languages and Cultures Vol. 19 . No. 1 . 99 – 120 . 10.1556/084.2018.19.1.5 Davies , E. E. 2003 . A Goblin Or a Dirty Nose? The Treatment of Culture-specific References in

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Acta Ethnographica Hungarica
Authors: Anna Székely, Solomon Gwerevende, Jorge Poveda Yánez, Gábor Klaniczay, and Peter Zolczer

: she interweaves historicalandcontemporaryphenomenaandmanifestationsofeliteandpopularculture, and approaches them with the integrated analytical concepts of folkloristics, anthropology, and psychology. She argues against the fragmented treatment of this

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