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Personal choice is a nuanced concept – Lessons learned from the gambling field. •

Commentary on: Problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: A Stakeholder framework to minimize harms (Swanton et al., 2019)

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Author: David C. Hodgins

often used in the gambling area. Each driver decides whether or not to buckle their seatbelt while driving an automobile. However, such a decision is dependent on seatbelts being available, which is a regulated obligation of the manufacturer. We are able

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The economy of the exotic

The relation of shell architecture and industrialization in Hungary between 1949–1970

Építés - Építészettudomány
Authors: Orsolya Gáspár and István Sajtos

– Dulácska Endre : Buckling of shells for engineers . Akadémiai Kiadó , Budapest 1984 . Kurrer , Karl-Eugen : The history of the theory of structures . Ernst und Sohn

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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Elisa Rampacci, Marco Masi, Francesco Carlo Origgi, Valentina Stefanetti, Marco Bottinelli, Paolo Selleri, Mauro Coletti, and Fabrizio Passamonti

, L. , Ossiboff , R. J. , de Matos , R. E. C. , Morrisey , J. K. , Petrosov , A. , Navarrete-Macias , I. , Jain , K. , Hicks , A. L. , Buckles , E. L. , Tokarz , R. , McAloose , D. and Lipkin , W. I. ( 2014 ): Identification of

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–200. Bailey, S.; Bolognese, B.; Buckle, D. R.; Faller, A.; Jackson, S.; Louis-Flamberg, P.; McCord, M.; Mayer, R. J.; Marshall, L. A.; Smith, D. G. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 1998 , 8 , 23–28. Axten, J. M.; Medina, J. R.; Blackledge

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] Khemis A. , Hacene-Chaouche A. , Athmani A. , Tee K. F. Uncertainty effects of soil and structural properties on the buckling of flexible pipes shallowly buried in Winkler foundation , Structural Engineering

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] Kala V. , Valeš J. Stochastic analysis of the lateral beam buckling of beams with initial imperfections, Proceedings of the 25th European Safety and Reliability Conference on Safety and Reliability of Complex

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Gabriella P. Szabó, Beáta Bessenyei, Erzsébet Balogh, Anikó Ujfalusi, Katalin Szakszon, and Éva Oláh

Flint, J., Wilkie, A. O., Buckle, V. J. és mtsai: The detection of subtelomeric chromosomal rearrangements in idiopathic mental retardation. Nat. Genet., 1995, 9 , 132–140. Buckle V. J

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.J., Rainey, P.B. and Buckling, A. 2002. Mechanisms linking diversity, productivity and invasibility in experimental bacterial communities. Proc. Royal Society of London B: Biol. Sci. 269:2277–2283. Buckling A

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. , Basset P. , Vocca H. , Gammaitoni L. Electromagnetic buckled beam oscillator for enhanced vibration energy harvesting , IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications , Besancon, France, 20-23 November 2012, doi: 10

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