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There is little data on the mineralogy of carbonate pedofeatures in the calcareous soils in Hungary which belong to the European prairie ecodivision. The aim of the present study is to enrich these data.

The mineralogical composition of the carbonate pedofeatures from characteristic profiles of the calcareous soils in Hungary was studied by X-ray diffractometry, thermal analysis, SEM combined with microanalysis, and stable isotope determination.

Regarding carbonate minerals only aragonite, calcite (+ magnesian calcite) and dolomite (+proto-dolomite) were identified in carbonate grains, skeletons and pedofeatures.

The values relating, respectively, to stable isotope compositions (C13, O18) of carbonates in chernozems and in salt-affected soils were in the same range as those for recent soils (latter data reported earlier). There were no considerable differences between the values for the carbonate nodules and tubules from the same horizons, nor were there significant variations between the values of the same pedofeatures from different horizons (BC-C) of the same profile. Thus it can be assumed that there were no considerable changes in conditions of formation.

Tendencies were recognized in the changes of (i) carbonate mineral associations, (ii) the MgCO3 content of calcites, (iii) the corrected decomposition temperatures, and (iv) the activation energies of carbonate thermal decompositions among the various substance-regimes of soils.

Differences were found in substance-regimes types of soils rather than in soil types.

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Central European Geology
Authors: József Fekete, Csanád Sajgó, István Horváth, Zoltán Kárpáti, István Vetõ, and Magdolna Hetényi

J. Deák 1989 Environmental isotope study ( 14 C, 13 C, 18 O, D, noble gases) on deep groundwater circulation systems in Hungary with reference to paleoclimate Radiocarbon

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Evidence for bias in C and N concentrations and delta C-13 composition of terrestrial and aquatic organic materials due to pre-analysis acid preparation methods Chemical Geology 282 3

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Preuss Akademie der Wissenschaften, pp. 2 - 30 . Guidotti, C., V. 1984: Micas in metamorphic rocks. - In: S. W. Bailey (Ed.): Micas, Reviews in Mineralogy, Mineralogical Society of America, Washington, D. C ., 13 357

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.09 Beyssac et al. ( 2002 ) 333 °C 382 °C 348 °C 13.78 Zhou et al. ( 2014 ) 522 °C

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