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Vegetative buds represent developmental stage of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) needles where chloroplast biogenesis and photosynthetic activity begin. We used the analyses of polyphasic chlorophyll a fluorescence rise (OJIP) to compare photosystem II (PSII) functioning in vegetative buds and fully photosynthetically active mature current-year needles. Considerably decreased performance index (PIABS) in vegetative buds compared to needles pointed to their low photosynthetic efficiency. Maximum quantum yield of PSII (Fv/Fm) in buds was slightly decreased but above limited value for functionality indicating that primary photochemistry of PSII is not holdback of vegetative buds photosynthetic activity. The most significant difference observed between investigated developmental stages was accumulation of reduced primary quinine acceptor of PSII (QA ) in vegetative buds, as a result of its limited re-oxidation by passing electrons to secondary quinone acceptor, QB. We suggest that reduced electron transfer from QA to QB could be the major limiting factor of photosynthesis in vegetative buds.

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Roy, S. S., Hajnoczly, G. (2008) Calcium, mitochondria and apoptosis studied by fluorescence measurements. Methods 46 , 213–223. Hajnoczly G Calcium, mitochondria and apoptosis

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Biehler, K., Haupt, S., Beckmann, J., Fock, H., Becker, T. W. (1997) Simultaneous CO 2 and 16 O 2 : 18 O 2 -gas exchange and fluorescence measurements indicate differences in light energy dissipation between the wild-type and the

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Acta Biologica Hungarica
Authors: Henryk Dębski, Magdalena Szwed, WiesŁaw Wiczkowski, Dorota Szawara-Nowak, Natalia Bączek, and Marcin Horbowicz

UV-B radiation in developing rye primary leaves as measured by ultraviolet-induced chlorophyll fluorescence measurements . Plant Cell Environ. 23 , 1373 – 1380 . 4. Cechin

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. Multiple effects of chromate on the photosynthetic apparatus of Spirodela polyrhiza as probed by OJIP chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements . Environ. Pollut. 115 : 49 – 64 . Arnon

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: Carlos Florindo, Cinthia Alves Barroco, Inês Silvestre, Vera Damião, João Paulo Gomes, Barbara Spellerberg, Ilda Santos-Sanches, and Maria José Borrego

-iT PicoGreen was added to an equal volume of each supernatant, previously diluted in 1× Tris–EDTA (TE) buffer. After 5 min of incubation at room temperature, in the dark, we proceeded to the fluorescence measurement (Fluorimeter – Anthos Zenith 3100) in 96-well

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) Contribution of hydroxycinnamates and flavonoids to epidermal shielding of UV-A and UV-B radiation in developing rye primary leaves as assessed by ultraviolet-induced chlorophyll fluorescence measurements . Plant Cell. Environ. 23 , 1373 – 1380

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