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, politics, agricultural landscapes and family relations ( Timothy, 2011 ). Language is not just a group of words; it is the entrance to a culture. A set of words and sentences would not be enough to create such strong element without having specific meanings

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The essay analyses the fourth and fifth amendments of the Hungarian Fundamental Law with special respect to the opinion of the Venice Commission and the resolution of the European Parliament. It will be pointed out that the fourth amendment transferred several legal regulations into the Fundamental Law which were previously qualified as unconstitutional by the Hungarian Constitutional Court. The Fundamental Law contains at the same time the declaration of a fundamental right and the unconstitutional limitation of it by the latter regulation. The inconsistency is evident, therefore the Constitutional Court has to choose in the future between the contradictory constitutional regulations. A possibility to solve this dilemma could be the separation of the legal norms of the constitution as lex generalis (e.g. rule of law, human dignity) and lex specialis which could not derogate the lex generalis, and ca nnot be applied accordingly.

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Concert visits with the music class: A Salzburg case study

A Cooperation project with varying goals, tasks and expectations

Hungarian Educational Research Journal
Author: Andreas Bernhofer


Many European cities offer a vivid cultural landscape and numerous live-music opportunities. Some of the events aim at young audiences and develop cooperation projects with schools (Schwanse, 2003). The Schools@Concerts research project focuses on long-established cooperation projects between schools and concert hosts and tries to give insights into the structure of them. This article describes the Salzburg single case study, where besides the music teacher, the school students and the concert host also a didactics course from the music teacher training at the university is involved. By collecting data with interviews and questionnaires with all participating partners, the research group tries to outline the different roles within the cooperation project and compares the varying goals, tasks and expectations of the participating partners.

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Az ipari társadalom modernizációs folyamatának fontos része volt a formatervezett termékek tömeges előállítása. A formatervezés alapjai a Bauhaus ipari-művészeti főiskolán születtek meg 1919 és 1933 között. A tömegtermelés új technológiái vezettek el „a világ új képéhez” (Kepes 1956/1979), amit aztán a formatervezés is továbbalakított. Az új világkép új látásmódot követelt, ennek kialakításán dolgoztak a múlt század elejének művészetpedagógusai, élükön Moholy-Nagy Lászlóval, a Bauhaus egyik magyar oktatójával. A tanulmányban rövid áttekintést adunk a kortárs vizuális nevelési irányzatokról, a Bauhaus ma is érvényes pedagógiai örökségéről és bemutatjuk az MTA-ELTE Vizuális Kultúra Szakmódszertani Kutatócsoportja „Moholy-Nagy Vizuális Modulok – a 21. század képi nyelvének tanítása” című, a Bauhaus-örökségre épülő kutatását is. Ez a pedagógiai innováció a 20. század elejéről és végéről áthúzódó, a látás modernizálásával kapcsolatos kutatómunka folytatása.

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Authors: Balázs Hámori and Katalin Szabó†

Innovations: Understanding the Landscape of the Informal Sector Innovations in India. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, Vol. 6. No. 1. (October) pp. X

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Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money . Princeton (NJ), Princeton University Press. 8 Catlin-Groves, C. L. (2012) The Citizen Science Landscape: From

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participants had previous experience of the geographical location of their places of study, some which build an imaginative based on the agents, and here is where they play their vital role as they create an idealised landscape to attract students. This

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brought together to learn from each other by joining in common activities. Thus Wenger (1998) developed his conceptual framework, the “Social theory of learning”, with additional elements of the learning landscapes in the complex systems, where personal

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). Conceptualizing shadow curriculum: Definition, features and the changing landscapes of learning cultures . Journal of Curriculum Studies , 51 ( 2 ), 141 – 161 . 10.1080/00220272.2019.1568583 Kim , Y. C. , & Jung , J.-H. ( 2019b ). Shadow education as

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, structural changes and ideological shifts over the past few decades have led to China's evolving educational landscape that differs significantly from an ancient model where education served primarily as a mechanism for government official selection. In today

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