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). Another factor that contributes to the complexity of the concept is the increasing presence of e-commerce, such that online shopping has become a frequently-used alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This raises questions about the

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. Halpern , D. 1995 . Mental Health and the Built Environment: More than Bricks and Mortar ? London : Taylor & Francis Ltd . Hoksbergen , R. A. C

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, bones, etc.) or in material finds such as ceramics, mortars, and pestles. In addition to the active ingredients, their metabolites may also be found in organic tissues. This is the case with benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite, or cocaethylene, a

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, 1999 , 2003 , 2007 ), found in Gonur “Temenos” and nearby sites (known as Togolok 1 and Togolok 21) large vats that appear to have been used for storing pressed plant juices ( soma/haoma ). Pressing stones, mortars, grinders, ceramic strainers, and

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Heike Zander, Laurence Claes, Eva M. Voth, Martina de Zwaan, and Astrid Müller

anxiety, depression, tension, or boredom, and to enhance a poor sense of self ( McElroy, Keck, Pope, Smith, & Strakowski, 1994 ; Müller, Mitchell, & de Zwaan, 2015 ; Schlosser, Black, Repertinger, & Freet, 1994 ). PB may occur in bricks-and-mortar

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Bible describes this process, by people who “ ground it [Manna] in mills, or beat it in a mortar ” (Numbers 11:8), then boiled it and baked it. Merkur also argues that this process would extract psychoactive alkaloids from ergot, and how “ Manna was like

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.), Psychoactive plants of the world series . New Haven, CT : Yale University Press . Zeidler , J. ( 1988 ). Feline imagery, stone mortars, and formative period interaction spheres

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