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One of the most important manufacturing steps for efficient modules is the encapsulation of the control circuit and the design of the echelon height and convexity value between the casing and the circuit. The paper presents the current manufacturing technology and the development of tools and technology driven by the customers’ requirements. For this reason, a new gluing tool has been developed in the report including a pneumatic open-close machine and special use of plasma technology designed for decreasing the setting time of the glue. The development includes the design of the workplace, working requirements and the optimisation of the expenses. In the paper the results are reported with specific industrial experiences.

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polymer-composite fishplated glued insulated rail joints in laboratory, as well as in field tests for dynamic effects , Research Report (in Hungarian), Universitas-Győr Nonprofit Ltd. Győr, 2017 . [5

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Different types of hybrid constructions, consisting of glass and another material, are analyzed or even newly developed focusing on an optimal structural interaction between both materials and in respect to architectural, static-structural and fabrication criteria. The new, high transparent structural element — hybrid steel-glass beam consists of steel flanges, glass web and bonded connection between them. Long glued joint realized by polymer adhesive is the key element of the structure, therefore the key aspect of the development is the detailing of the steelglass interface and choice of the suitable adhesive. Wide range of adhesives with different mechanical and deformational properties was involved to experimental program. Non-linear Finite Element material models were created in accordance with the results of material tests and than calibrated on steel-glass connection tests. Properly working numerical models of the adhesive layer are being involved to the complex FE model of the hybrid beam and verified by the full-scale tests of the beams with 4 m span.

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Thanks to intensive research in the field of polymer adhesives in the last few years, there is a possibility of using a glued joint with a real load bearing role. The reliability of adhesive in the connection during the lifetime of a structure is affected by many factors, but the initial choice of a proper adhesive material is the most crucial one. The article deals with the experimental analysis focused on the determination of material characteristics of adhesives in planar connections, it describes the effect of various factors on the behavior of an adhesive joint under increasing loads, its ultimate bearing capacity and its failure modes. The main investigated factors are the type of adhesive, the type of connected materials (material of substrate), surface treatment and the thickness of the adhesive layer. A special part of the article describes numerical models of a glued joint with respect to different types of adhesive.

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moisture content with internal conductively glued electrodes . Building and Environment , 43 , 1566 – 1574 . [3] Fredriksson M

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The design methods of the load bearing glass columns developed extremely in the last years. Numerous glass researchers have been trying to optimize the glass structures in terms of cost-effectiveness and safety. The authors carried out several laboratory experiments to analyze the key factors of the glass column design. Factors are investigated in the present article for example the influence of the fixing at the end of the glass columns, which essentially modifies the load bearing capacity of structures. The efficiency of the gluing of the interlayer foil (the coupling parameter) was analyzed based on the individual laboratory experiments.

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International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering
Authors: Olena Yakymchuk, Dmytro Yakymchuk, Nataliia Bilei-Ruban, Iryna Nosova, Serhiy Horiashchenko, Kostyantyn Horiashchenko, Tetyana Kisil, and Viacheslav Tuz

; allows to transfer the “rough” structure of glue particles in colloidal state. Increased deformation properties of fabrics are achieved due to their maximum moisture content: when using vapor – 20%, sometimes – 60%; when using LAWE – 78%. Mainly, a

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. Glued composite timber-concrete beams, I: Interlayer connection specimen tests, ASCE , Journal of Structural Engineering , Vol. 136 , No. 10 , 2010 , pp. 1236 – 1245 . [3

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Architecture, Uni. of Belgrade, AMRES Media Portal, 2011, , accessed May 2011 Vukmirovic, S. Gluing two Möbius strips into a Klein bottle , Wolfram library archive

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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Mykola Sysyn, Vitalii Kovalchuk, Ulf Gerber, Olga Nabochenko, and Andriy Pentsak

2016 , pp. 16 – 23 . [14] Németh , A. , Fischer S. Investigation of glued insulated rail joints with special fiber-glass reinforced synthetic fishplates using

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