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This paper intends to provide some data about the occurrence of 〈e〉 and 〈o〉 for Classical Latin (= CL) /1/ and /ŭ/ in Latin papyri and ostraca. In order to carry out a study of the incidence of some grapho-phonological phenomena within documentary texts and to examine to what extent they could be related with parameters of sociolinguistic variation, the examined texts have been collected in a corpus which has been tagged for both linguistic and extralinguistic aspects. This corpus is available in the Data-base CLaSSES (, created at the FILELI Department of the Uni-versity of Pisa (§ 1). The study will focus in particular on the analysis of this graphemic alternance in the Bu Njem ostraca (§ 2.1); then, it will dwell on the qualitative analysis of three lexemes in Egyptian papyri and ostraca in which a proto-Romance merger between /ĭ/ and /ē/ in /e/ and /ŭ/ and /ō/ in /o/ in tonic posi-tion might be documented. Particular attention is paid to interference phenomena with Greek (§ 2.2).

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Companions, Co-incidences or Chattels? Children in the Early Anglo-Saxon Multiple Burial Ritual. BAR International Series 1696 . Studies in Archaeology, History, Literature and Art 1 , 83 – 92

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«Диалогичность» как семантическая и семиотическая динамика литературного текста

Семиотика литературы в контексте лингвистики и языковой коммуникации

Studia Slavica
Author: Каталин Кроо

. Incidence de l’opposition langue-discours chez É. Benveniste pour une réévaluation du concept du discours en analyse du discours. In: BRUNET– MAHRER 2011 . 149 – 168 . HOLQUIST 2005

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, Robert 1959 Cholera. With a Chapter on World Incidence . Geneva : World Health Organization . Pollitzer , Robert 1966 Plague and Plague Control in the Soviet Union . New York : Institute of Contemporary Russian Studies, Fordham University

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phrases selected in Table 1 occur in the singular and only 1% in the plural, which would mean that in the inscriptional material a case confusion between the accusative and the ablative would not have a chance to appear in the plural. Incidences of

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cases and other belief narratives in the same matrix (see Palleiro 2004 ). At present, I am working on the project of elaborating an Argentinean Index of Tale Types, also filed into narrative matrices in order to show the incidence of belief narratives

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It is necessary, from the present, to broach yet again the situation of literary studies from a comparativist perspective, to attend to possible disciplinary crises in the face of the increase in communications, in the incidence of accelerating transportation – with and without displacements. We would have to consider the literalness of a worldwide metaphor (gr. igtransportls and indisplacementl.), globalization as a metaphor that displaces itself across continents and contents, and also its incidence in the course of literary events and humanities. iuTransportationlěę, real or virtual, literal or figurative, tends to narrow differences, assimilating them to a greater semblance, englobing everything in one and the same vision. If more than one poet lamented in the face of the sparse ancestral repertoire of metaphors: ieWhy on earth should poets all over the world, and all over time, be using the same stock metaphors? How shall we formulate the question today, when one metaphor englobes all others?

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This paper examines the phenomenon of receptive multilingualism where speakers of two different languages communicate through each speaking his/her own language and understanding the other’s. Comprehension in such an interaction is aided by the speaker and the listener employing linguistic, discourse-pragmatic and other features which represent strategies of accommodation (i.e. reduction of linguistics dissimilarities). This phenomenon is not presented as an alternative to interpreting, but in the context of interpreters who work from or into a language which is closely related, but not identical to the language spoken by one of the participating clients. Background information is provided from language pairs with a high level of mutual intelligibility and the experiences of interpreters, while the focus of the data sample is on 23 interpreters who have accreditation in one, two or three of the following closely-related languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Responses are elicited on the following: self-reported incidence of accommodation in non-interpreted interactions; linguistic and ethical protocols when a different, but closely-related language is used by a client; comments from clients about interpreters’ proficiency and ethnicity; attitudes on the distinctiveness of the three languages and future intelligibility. Informants’ linguistic behaviour is analysed according to the number of accreditations held and, in general, those with three accreditations report the highest levels of accommodation.

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-Martin P. Schumacker 2000 Incidence and correlates of pathological Internet use among college students Computers Human Behavior 16 113

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84 73 111 Cook, Mark 1971. The incidence of filled pauses in relation to part of speech. In: Language and Speech 14: 135

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