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Tivadar Rombauer was a less well-known, but important personality in Hungarian history. His entrepreneur career contains several business and technological innovations in iron industry, among which the foundation of the Metallurgical Factory in Ózd stands out. During the Revolution and War of Independence his role for managing arms supply nationwide is rarely emphasized by the regular commemorations of the most important historical momentum in Hungarian collective remembrance, although its relevance is undisputable. His Protestant Saxon origin interweaved with his patriotism resulted a typical Hungarian middle-class civic virtue, which never disappeared in later generations in the US, after his obligate immigration. In this study we scope on both the origins and influence of this valuesystem detailing Rombauer’s life-span, complemented with the family roots and some descendants’ fates.

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Samian ware of Lágymányos. 65 pieces of Samian ware were unearthed during the excavation of the Eraviscus settlement of Lágymányos. It is a fairly small amount compared to the number of PGW finds, which is well over a thousand pieces. Despite all this, imported ceramic finds unearthed in these sites allow us to set up a timeframe of the lifespan of the settlement. A third of the finds originate from Italia, accordingly, it is presumable that in the middle to the second half of the first century this settlement was already a part of the Roman commercial circuit. Three potteries of Italian origin classifiable into three groups includes a relatively great amount of good quality A2 ware.

The 26 pieces include early-type Drag. 29 and early forms also appear amongst the undecorated vessels. There are fewer Central Gaulish finds and even less (3 pieces) of Rheinzabern products. According to the Samian wares found the life of the settlement can be traced up until the Marcomannic wars (166–180 AD).

Later finds suggest that the settlement was abandoned or sparsely populated afterward.

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