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The Sárrét marshland is situated along the northeastern foothills of the Bakony Mountains, along a NE-SW-trending neotectonic zone. Investigation of the marshland and the reconstruction of its evolution are especially interesting to compare to the present and the expected future stage of Lakes Balaton and Velence. Based on the sedimentological characteristics of the core sequence and the geochemical, physical, and mineralogical composition of the layers, three sedimentological cycles could be separated. The three cycles represent the most important evolutionary phases of lake formation: flourishing and progressive aging. First, a nutrient-poor, open-water lake existed, where clastic sediments (sand and silty clay) were deposited. During the second phase, phytoplankton-produced autogenic lime mud was deposited in the progressively more eutrophic water. Peat accumulation during the third stage indicates the marsh phase of the lake.The results suggest that the studied sequence developed from Late Glacial to Middle Holocene. According to radiocarbon dating the accumulation rate in Sárrét (Sümegi, this volume) corresponds to the sedimentation rates in the Tapolca Basin and Lake Balaton.

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of an appropriate lime based mortar for use with a porous limestone Environmental Geology 56 715 727 . L. Binda

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Central European Geology
Authors: Ubul Fügedi, László Kuti, Daniella Tolmács, Ildikó Szentpétery, Barbara Kerék, Tímea Dobos, András Sebők, and Rita Szeiler

Fügedi, U., T. Pocsai, L. Kuti, I. Horváth, J. Vatai 2008: Geological aspects of lime accumulation in soils of Central Hungary (in Hungarian with English abstract). - Agrochemistry and Soil Science, 57(2), pp. 239

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McLean, E.O. 1982: Soil pH and lime requirement. - In: Page, A.L., R.H. Miller, D.R. Keeny (Eds): Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 2. American Society of Agronomy, Inc. Soil Science Society of America, Inc. Madison, WI, USA, pp. 199

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Sárrét of Fejér country [peat, lime-mud]). -- Agrokémia és Talajtan, 26, pp. 331-350. A Fejér-megyei Sárrét talajjavító anyagai (tőzeg, lápföld, lápi mész) (Materials for soil amelioration from the

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) Krolopp , E. 1961 : A Buda környéki alsó-pleisztocén mésziszapok csigafaunájának állatföldrajzi és ökológiai vizsgálata [Animal Geographical and Ecological Analysis of the Snail Fauna of the Lower Pleistocene Lime in Buda

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