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A. Schmitt M. Wiedenbeck 2001 Boron and oxygen isotope composition of certified reference materials NIST SRM 610/612, and reference materials JB-2G

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Central European Geology
Authors: Elemér Pál-Molnár, Luca Kiri, Réka Lukács, István Dunkl, Anikó Batki, Máté Szemerédi, Enikő Eszter Almási, Edina Sogrik, and Szabolcs Harangi

and a magnetic mass spectrometer. The Asia-1/65 Russian, GL-O French, LP-6 American and HD-B1 German reference materials were used as external standards. Given errors only represent analytical errors (standard deviation); consequently, geologic factors

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Central European Geology
Authors: János Haas, Tamás Budai, István Dunkl, Éva Farics, Sándor Józsa, Szilvia Kövér, Annette E. Götz, Olga Piros, and Péter Szeitz

corrections by standard-sample bracketing using GJ-1 zircon reference material ( Jackson et al. 2004 ). For further control, the Plešovice zircon ( Sláma et al. 2008 ), the 91500 zircon ( Wiedenbeck et al. 1995 ), and the FC-1 zircon ( Paces and Miller 1993

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Central European Geology
Authors: Zsófia Pálos, István János Kovács, Dávid Karátson, Tamás Biró, Judit Sándorné Kovács, Éva Bertalan, Anikó Besnyi, György Falus, Tamás Fancsik, Martina Tribus, László Előd Aradi, Csaba Szabó, and Viktor Wesztergom

filled up to 250 ml. These diluted samples were analyzed with ICP-OES by using a Jobin Yvon Ultima 2C spectrometer. For calibration, a suite of international rock reference materials, and for S and P synthetic solutions, were used. Typically, the

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