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Irodalom Aldea , M. A. , & Rice , K. G. ( 2006 ). The role of emotional dysregulation in perfectionism and psychological distress . Journal of Counseling Psychology

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, R. L. , Hoyle , R. H. , Clayton , R. R. , Skinner , W. F. , Colon , S. E. & Rice , R. E. ( 1999 ). Sensation seeking and drug use by adolescents and their friends: Models for marijuana and alcohol . Journal of Studies on Alcohol and

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PharmEcology: Doses, nutrients, toxins, and medicines . Integrative and Comparative Biology , 49 , 329 – 337 . Rice , W. R. , & Holland , B. ( 1997 ). The enemies within: Intergenomic conflict, interlocus contest evolution (ICE), and the intraspecific

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Sleep Spindles & Cortical Up States
Authors: Róbert Bódizs, Ferenc Gombos, Péter P. Ujma, Sára Szakadát, Piroska Sándor, Péter Simor, Adrián Pótári, Boris’ Nikolai Konrad, Lisa Genzel, Axel Steiger, Martin Dresler, and Ilona Kovács

, Rice, and Cabeza, 2002 ). The above models were never tested from the perspective of sleep-related neural activity. Reports on the hemispheric asymmetry of sleep slow waves were published in the early 2000s ( Sekimoto et al., 2000 ; Achermann

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students are faced with separation-individuation, security attachment still plays a protective role in their psychological adjustment ( Rice, FitzGerald, Whaley, & Gibbs, 1995 ). When transitioning to college life, adolescents meet additional challenges

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, cheese, pastry, cookies, chocolate, bacon, nuts and butter; low-energy foods were celery, carrots, pear, milk, orange, apple, blueberries, yogurt, oatmeal, potato, peas, corn, banana, cottage cheese and rice. For full details of calorific values see

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.1097/ Fantegrossi , W. E. , Reissig , C. J. , Katz , E. B. , Yarosh , H. L. , Rice , K. C. , & Winter , J. C. ( 2008 ). Hallucinogen-like effects of N, N-dipropyltryptamine (DPT): Possible mediation by serotonin 5-HT1A

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grains” together with rice, soybeans, barley, and millet) by the Han dynasty (206 BCE to 222 CE) ( Touw, 1981 , pp. 31–32). The Book of Songs , one of the Five Classics of the traditional Confucian canon, offers an idealized portrait of life during the

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Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
Authors: Kovács Krisztina, Berki Tamás, Ágoston Réka, Smohai Máté, Harsányi Szabolcs Gergő, Szemes Ágnes, and Gyömbér Noémi

Exercise Psychology , 23 , 281 – 306 . Reinhardt , M ., Tóth , L ., & Rice , K. G . ( 2019 ). Perfekcionista csoportok pozitív mentális egészsége–a perfekcionizmus, az érzelemszabályozás és a szubjektív jóllét mintázódása fi atal élsportolók körében

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Evolutionary perspectives on sexual coercion in human beings and other primates: The future of the rape debate

A review of Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans: an Evolutionary Perspective on Male Aggression Against Females edited by M.N. Muller and R.W. Wrangham. Harvard University Press (2009), 504 pages, £40.95 ($55.00), ISBN: 0674033248 (hardback).

Journal of Evolutionary Psychology
Author: Gillian R. Brown

W. R. Rice 1999 Experimental removal of sexual selection reverses intersexual antagonistic coevolution and removes a reproductive load Proceedings of the National Academy of

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