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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Ferenc Túry, Pál Szabó, Szilvia Dukay-Szabó, Irena Szumska, Dávid Simon, and Günther Rathner

wellbeing ( Eiroá Orosa, 2013 ). After the great sociocultural and political changes of 1989, one of the predominant themes in CEE countries was transition to the Western-style market economy and individualism. Among the consequences was the dwindling of

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The paper identifies three reasons why social scientists have not readily accepted a Darwinian perspective: first, in the relative importance they attribute to variability in social and cultural systems; second, in their conception of social evolution; third, in their emphasis on the emergent properties of social interaction. I locate the social sciences’ position in the late nineteenth century debate between Durkheim and Tarde, but point out that Durkheim is wrongly accused of presenting the human mind as a ‘blank slate’. Durkheim and Tarde took different lessons from Darwin's Origin of Species. The concept of co-evolution, as applied in behavioural ecology and complex systems theory, promises to bring the social and evolutionary sciences closer together. Our species has evolved a complex capacity for sustaining social relations, and outbreaks of violence must be explained not only in terms of evolved psychological dispositions, but also put in their social context. The diffusion of innovations in a farming economy must likewise be explained as a response to changes in the economic environment for which the farmers themselves are partly responsible through their engagement with the market economy. Cross-cultural applications of game theory indicate a fruitful way forward.

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A tanórán és iskolán kívüli tanulási elfoglaltságok motivációjának kvalitatív vizsgálata kiemelkedő kognitív képességű tanulóknál

Qualitative Analysis of the Motivation of Extracurricular and Outside School Learning Activities in Students with High Cognitive Abilities

Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
Authors: Fodor Szilvia, Páskuné Kiss Judit, Máth János, and Fehér Ágota

’s Market Economy (pp. 85 – 99 ). Rotterdam : Sense Publishers . 10.1007/978-94-6209-881-7_6 Ziegler , A . ( 2005 ). The Actiotope Model of Giftedness . In Sternberg , Robert J ., & Davidson , J. E . (Eds), Conceptions of Giftedness (pp. 411

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Orsolya Király, Mark D. Griffiths, Daniel L. King, Hae-Kook Lee, Seung-Yup Lee, Fanni Bányai, Ágnes Zsila, Zsofia K. Takacs, and Zsolt Demetrovics

market economy) and as such, it would arguably be difficult to implement. Furthermore, several games have free-to-play pirate versions hacked by gamers who possess good programming skills, and these illegal alternative versions are also difficult to

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