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Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis
Valeria Palermo
Ángel G. Sathicq
Patricia G. Vázquez
Horacio J. Thomas
, and
Gustavo P. Romanelli


In this research, we report the preparation of doped PMo Keggin heteropolyacids where Mo is partially replaced by V, Bi, and Bi–V. These catalysts were characterized by means of ICP-AES analysis, 31P-NMR, UV–visible spectra, FT-IR spectra, thermal analysis, and textural properties. In addition, the activities of the synthesized catalysts were evaluated in the selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides/sulfones. The incorporation of V, Bi and Bi–V into the structure of H3PMo12O40 increases the catalytic activity. The two most active catalysts, those with V and V–Bi were supported on aminopropyl-functionalized silica (SiO2NH2) and they were found to be and efficient heterogeneous catalysts for the selective oxidation of diphenylsulfide to the corresponding sulfoxide/sulfone.

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