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The influence of NO3 – on carbohydrate (C) losses from the roots of 21-day-old wheat seedlings was studied under light and N supplies ranging from deficient to excessive (0–8 mM NO3 –). C loss is not influenced by the quantity of internal soluble carbohydrates (SC), but is affected by the nitrate status of the seedlings. In low illuminance, the NO3 – loss is significantly higher than that in high illuminance, whereas C loss is significantly higher in high illuminance than in low illuminance, in spite of there being little difference between the seedlings of both light treatments in the SC concentration in the roots at 0 h, suggesting the existence of a negative correlation between NO3 – and C efflux and a close relationship between the C efflux system and NO3 – assimilation. Low NO3 – and light reduced the C loss, which was decreased to a greater extent by low NO3 – than by low light, indicating that C loss was more dependent on NO3 – than on C export. The high decline in C loss, irrespective of whether there is an increase in NO3 – loss (i.e. in low light) or a decrease in NO3 – loss (i.e. at low nitrate), may indicate that the two types of losses involve different mechanisms.

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