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The study area is the peaty bed of Navad-patak mire situated in the North-Eastern Alföld, on the Bereg plain, which is slightly investigated area. The purpose of our research was to reconstruct the recent vegetation dynamic processes of the mire from 1950 till 2005. Beside the aerial photos we used the ERDAS Imagination remote sensing program, and made digital photo interpretation. We divided the vegetation history into three parts. In the first period, the nutrient load of the mire was increased, peat decaying and foresting processes started, the open peat-moss dominated associations ( Eriophoro vaginati-Sphagnetum, Carici lasiocarpae-Sphagnetum ) were disappeared. In the second period the expansion of the forest vegetation continued, the species composition transformed, and the characteristic species of the mentioned associations ( Eriophorum vaginatum, E. angustifolium, Carex lasiocarpa, Drosera rotundifolia, Sphagnum magellanicum ) were all disappeared. The third period starts with the artificial flooding in 1994. In the beginning the peat-mosses were all extinct, floating mires appeared immediately and their quick succession started and still runs. The fourth period would be start with the appearance of peat-mosses.

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Authors: Zs. Ürmös, M. K. Singh, B. Pálfalvy, D. Cserhalmi and J. Nagy
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