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Mössbauer and infrared spectroscopic studies of a series of iron(III) complexes of dicarboxylic acids, maleic, malonic, succinic, glutaric, adipic, pimelic, suberic, azealic and sebacic have been carried out at room temperature. All complexes exhibit a quadrupole doublet with isomer shift () values in the range of 0.62 –0.72 mm·s–1 (with respect to SNP) and quadrupole splitting, EQ=0.53–0.74 mm· s–1. It is observed that tris complexes are formed up to pimelic acid, while bis complexes are formed those for the other three acids. Isomer shift () values do not vary significantly but EQ values show a somewhat regular trend. Magnetic moment data indicate high spin Fe(III) in octahedral geometry.

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