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A novel mixed-ligand complexes with empirical formulae: Dy(4-bpy)(CCl2HCOO)3 · H2O and Ln(4-bpy)1.5(CCl3COO)3 · 2H2O (where Ln(III) = Ce, Nd) were prepared and characterized by chemical and elemental analysis and IR spectroscopy, conductivity (in methanol, dimethyloformamide and dimethylsulfoxide). Analysis of the diffractograms showed that the obtained complexes are crystalline. Way of metal-ligand coordination discussed. The thermal properties of complexes in the solid state were studied under non-isothermal conditions in air atmosphere. During heating the complexes decompose via intermediate products to the oxides: Ln2O3 (Nd, Dy) and CeO2. TG-MS system was used to analyse principal volatile thermal decomposition and fragmentation products evolved during pyrolysis of Dy(4-bpy)(CCl2HCOO)3 · H2O in air.

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