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A normal-phase (NP) TLC method has been established for separation of the five antiarrhythmics — disopyramide, flecainide, mexiletine, tocainide, and verapamil. The analysis was performed in horizontal chambers on aluminum oxide 60 F 254 and silica gel 60 F 254 TLC plates. The best mobile phases for separation of the compounds were tetrahydrofuran-hexane-25% ammonia, 5 + 4.8 + 0.2 ( v/v ), on the alumina plates and chloroform-tetrahydrofuran-ethanol-25% ammonia, 8.1 + 1.9 + 2 + 0.1 ( v/v ), on the silica plates. The substances were identified by use of different reagents and under UV irradiation at λ = 254 nm. Quantification of mexiletine hydrochloride in Mexicord capsules was performed densitometrically at λ = 210 nm. A good correlation coefficient ( r = 0.9974) was obtained for the calibration plot constructed in the concentration range 20–45 μg per band. The active substance was extracted from the formulation with methanol (recovery 97.01 ± 2.39%, mean ± SD ). The RSD expressing the precision of the proposed method was 5.23%. The procedure was simple and rapid and the results were reliable.

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