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High performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) combined with densitometry has been used for analysis of the triterpenoid content of acetone and ethyl acetate extracts of the leaves of Jovibarba sobolifera (Sims.) Opiz. After optimization of the extraction process, HPTLC separation was successfully standardized, using silica gel plates washed with methanol and dichloromethane, dichloromethane-ethyl acetate 18.5:1.5 as mobile phase, and 8% H 2 SO 4 in ethanol ( m/m ) as spray reagent. Triterpenoids in the leaves of Jovibarba sobolifera were quantified by measurement of absorbance. Three spots were observed on chromatograms — the sum of α and β-amyrin, oleanolic acid, and an unidentified compound. All of the triterpenoid components were analyzed for the first time in this plant. The triterpenoid content was calculated statistically.

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JPC - Journal of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC
Authors: Grażyna Matysik, Agnieszka Skalska-Kamińska, Beata Stefańczyk, Magdalena Wójciak-Kosior and Dariusz Rapa

In this publication a new technique in planar chromatography is presented. The technique connects two-dimensional chromatography with multiple gradient development. It enables separation of multicomponent mixtures such as plant extracts with simultaneous qualitative identification of components. On the same plate less polar aglycones and more polar glycoside derivatives can be identified simultaneously. The new technique was applied to analysis of anthraquinone derivatives in Rhamnus frangulae cortex methanol extract.

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