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This perspective article discusses the basic concept of time control by space based on flow and micro, some examples that realized extremely fast reactions which were difficult to achieve by conventional flask chemistry, and the future of this fascinating chemistry.

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Journal of Flow Chemistry
Authors: Aiichiro Nagaki, Kana Akahori, Yusuke Takahashi, and Jun-ichi Yoshida

Living anionic polymerization of perfluoroalkyl methacrylates initiated by 1,1-diphenylhexyllithium was conducted without adding lithium chloride in an integrated flow microreactor system. The high degree of polydispersity index (PID) control was achieved at 0 °C (2-(nonafluorobutyl)ethyl and 2-(tridecafluorohexyl)ethyl methacrylates) or −40 °C (2,2,2-trifluoroethyl methacrylate). The subsequent reaction of a reactive polymer chain end with alkyl methacrylates or tert-butyl acrylate led to the formation of fluorine-containing block copolymers with narrow PDI.

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Journal of Flow Chemistry
Authors: Aiichiro Nagaki, Yusuke Takahashi, Shigeyuki Yamada, Chika Matsuo, Suguru Haraki, Yuya Moriwaki, Songhee Kim, and Jun-ichi Yoshida


Vinyllithiums were effectively generated by bromine–lithium exchange reaction of vinyl bromides with one eq of s-BuLi in a flow microreactor system at 0 °C or 20 °C, although two eq of t-BuLi and much lower temperatures are required for a conventional macro batch reaction. Subsequent reactions with various electrophiles in the flow microreactor system gave the corresponding vinyl compounds in good yields.

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