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In this study, the traffic flow of morning peak hour is analyzed in residential areas using dynamic traffic assignment method. A comprehensive analysis of the traffic assignment was performed in six different network topologies. The main goals were to compare different road networks and to identify significant similarities and differences of these patterns. By comparing results, a highly detailed picture of the differences crystallized between travel time, velocity and ratio of used routes.

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One of the most important challenges in urban design is planning an appropriate street network, satisfying the demand of users with different transport modes. Understanding the nature of road networks has been thoroughly studied problem for many years and extensive professional literature is now available in this respect. In this study, five different micro-districts and their road networks have been analyzed in Budapest. Therefore, this paper is aimed at providing a contribution to the knowledge of comparing road networks of different residential estates under different traffic loads. Moreover, significant similarities and differences were identified among urban street layouts in this paper.

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