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Blending is widely used for modification of the physicochemical properties of fats to enhance their commercial applications. This paper studied the flow behavior of coconut oil (NHCO) under variation in the temperature and proportion of fully hydrogenated coconut oil (FHCO). The oscillatory results showed that there is a change in the linear viscoelastic region, storage (G') and loss (G'') moduli with increasing proportion of FHCO in NHCO. In rotational tests, the blends showed shearthinning behavior. The viscosity of oils and their blends were investigated at different temperatures. The Herschel-Bulkley model was fitted to flow curves (shear stress in function of shear rate) of the samples. During heating, NHCO approached Newtonian behavior earlier than FHCO, because of their loosely-packed structure. Thus it indicated that the fatty acid composition affects these behaviors of the oil. The blending of fully hydrogenated coconut fat improved the elastic and textural character of the coconut oil.

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