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Zinc and cadmium have been found to interact with each other differently under different conditions. The zinc supply may enhance or offset the phytotoxicity of Cd. Therefore, in a pot experiment, a sandy loam soil (Typic Ustipsamments) was treated with cadmium at rates of 0, 10, 20 and 40 mg kg−1 and with zinc at rates of 0 and 20 mg kg−1 soil to assess their effect on dry matter yield and the concentrations of Cd and micronutrients. There was a significant decrease in dry matter yield due to the phytotoxic effect of Cd. The dry matter yield was not affected by the application of zinc at any rate of Cd application. The concentration and uptake of Cd in the crop increased gradually at increasing rates of cadmium application. The increase in cadmium concentration was greater in the presence of zinc than in its absence. This suggests that the effect of soilapplied Zn is reflected in the enhancement of the Cd content in plants. Thus, zinc application cannot offset the toxic effect of Cd. The relationship of Cd with Zn and Fe was synergistic at all rates of Cd application, whereas Mn and Cu exhibited an antagonistic relationship.

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