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Authors: Kazuaki Yanagisawa, Keishiro Ito, Chisato Katsuki, Kei Kawashima and Masashi Shirabe


An outcome of nuclear safety research (NSR) done by JAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) was case studied by the bibliometric method. (1) For LOCA (loss-of-coolant accident) a domestic share of JAERI in monoclinic research paper was 63% at the past (20) 1978–1982 but was decreased to 40% at the present 1998–2002. For co-authored papers a domestic share between JAERI and PS (public sectors) was zero at past (20) but increased to 4% at the present. Research cooperation is active between Tokyo University and JAERI or between JAERI and Nagoya University. (2) It is revealed that LOCA outputs born by NSR-JAERI reflected partly to those of the Safety Licensing Guidelines, however, a share of NSR-JAERI could not determined due to the lack of necessary information in the Guideline.

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