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Enthalpies and entropies of sublimation for N-acetylglycine amide (NAGA), N-acetyl-L-alanine amide (L-NAAA), and N-acetyl-D-leucine amide (D-NALA) were determined from the dependence of their vapour pressures on temperature, as measured by the torsion-effusion method.

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The potential of DSC in suggesting modifications of thermal treatments of Al alloys to increase mechanical properties is described. Significant results can be obtained from calorimetric evolution after a series of annealings, even without a direct observation of the microstructure. The role of a reference baseline is discussed. The Guinier-Preston (GP) zones formation, dissolution or transformation is followed, and their relevance for the microhardness increase is shown, for an AlZnMg alloy of technical interest. Multi-stage thermal treatments have been confirmed to be beneficial. A secondary precipitation occurs at room temperature after annealing at temperatures at which primary precipitation is almost complete.

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The magnesium-cerium system has been partially revised in the Ce-rich and Mg-rich regions by using results obtained with the Smith thermal analysis (STA) technique. Nine alloys were examined and, after the thermal measurements,were subjected to phase analysis by means of X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), optical(LOM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and electron probe microanalysis (EPMA).The coordinates of the invariant reactions, many of them very close to each other, were established and compared with literature data where a call for a deeper investigation was proposed as the thermal values were open to different interpretations.

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