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In vitro bioavailability/Caco-2 cell culture system was used to assess calcium, magnesium and iron bioavailability from different types of biscuits enriched with the mixtures of pseudocereals and legumes with inulin. Comparisons were made with the wheat flour based biscuit as a reference sample, in order to develope functional biscuit with improved mineral content, bioavailability and uptake. A significant increase of mineral content was achieved in all modified biscuits in relation to reference sample. Average bioavailability of investigated minerals ranged from 41.1% (Fe and Ca) up to 71.2% (Mg). Caco-2 cell uptake of investigated elements ranged from 7.13% to 12.20% for Fe; from 26.39% to 38.95% for Ca and from 19.65% to 27.17% for Mg. Inulin was determined as an important promoter of Ca and Mg bioavailability. Polyphenols and dietary fibre were determined as the principal components impairing the uptake of Fe and Ca. Enrichment of the reference recipe with the mixture of inulin with soy or amaranth flour positively influenced bioavailability/uptake of the investigated minerals.

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