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What is the translator’s impact on the information structure (IS) of causal expressions? This study proposes a description method for the internal IS of causal expressions with connectors and their translations. We implement Lambrecht’s view (1990) that IS relates to interlocutors’ ‘mental states’ and look upon information structuring as a cognitive patterning of linguistic elements with varying degrees of manifestness. These degrees are hypothesized to be determined by a set of at least five different features, three of which have been investigated in a parallel corpus of Dutch, French and English causal expressions: the presence of a causal connector, clause status and clause position. Primary results indicate that about one fifth of explicit causal constructions in the Dutch source texts have been rendered without their explicit causal connector in the target texts both in French and in English. In addition, the internal clause manifestness in causal sequences turns out to show more differences between the Dutch source texts and the English target texts than between the Dutch source texts and the French target texts, which mirror the Dutch source texts more closely.

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