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To investigate the effects of 3-month-long specific training program on biochemical status, oxidative and antioxidant responses in elite karatekas.


Twenty male karatekas [BMI: 21.9 ± 2.4 (kg/m2)] participated in this study. They performed a 3-month specific training to prepare for an international competition. We measured selected biochemical parameters, the oxidative and antioxidant responses before (T0) and after 3 months of intense karate training (T1).


We found significant increases in catalase activity (26.3% ± 21.3%, p < 0.0005), superoxide dismutase activity (15.9% ± 28.8%, p < 0.05), and a significant decrease in malondialdehyde levels (17.2% ± 13.7%, p < 0.0005) after 3 months of karate training. Moreover, the athletes’ biochemical status was significantly improved at T1 compared with T0 (for the majority of parameters, p < 0.0005).


The specific training program improves the prooxidant–antioxidant balance of elite karate athletes. It could be recommended for athletes having similar physical fitness level.

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