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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Authors: B. Wierczinski, K. Gregorich, B. Kadkhodayan, D. Lee, L. Beauvais, M. Hendricks, C. Kacher, M. Lane, D. Keeney-Shaughnessy, N. Stoyer, D. Strellis, E. Sylwester, P. Wilk, D. Hoffman, R. Malmbeck, G. Skarnemark, J. Alstad, J. Omtvedt, K. Eberhardt, M. Mendel, A. Nähler, and N. Trautmann


Subsecond 224 Pa (T 1/2 = 0.85 s) was produced via the 209 Bi(18 O,3n)224 Pa reaction at the 88 inch cyclotron at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. After production it was transported via a gas-jet system to the centrifuge system SISAK 3. Following on-line extraction with trioctylamine/scintillation solutions from 1M lactic acid, 224 Pa was detected applying on-line -liquid scintillation counting. Unambiguous identification was achieved using time-correlated --decay chain analysis. This constitutes the first chemical on-line separation and detection of a subsecond -decaying nuclide, 0.85-s 224 Pa with the fast extraction system SISAK 3.

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