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If heated to around 270° in argon, [Ni(HSal)2] (H2Sal=salicylic acid) gives off gaseous H2Sal and forms [NiSal], which reacts with monoprotic ligands HL (e.g. 8-hydroxyquinoline) to form mixed-ligand complexes [NiHSalL], or with diprotic ligands H2L' (e.g. quadratic acid) to form dinuclear complexes [HSalNiL'NiHSal].

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The Modified Entrainment Method developed by Faktor et al. [1] is an attractive yet not very popular method to determine vapour pressures in the range of 0.002 to 0.1 bar at 10–1000°C. The method consists of evaporating a solid or liquid from a small bulb through a capillary into a flowing inert gas, e.g. argon. The vapour pressure of the sample is related to the rate of evaporation and some easily controlled experimental parameters. In the present paper a new convenient experimental set-up is described and its use to study the decomposition of metal complexes is illustrated.

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