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Tacitus evokes the gods several times in the Histories and the Annals. Nevertheless, it is difficult to have a firm opinion on the historian's religiosity and many assumptions were proposed on this subject. As a matter of fact, he always tries to establish a distinction between uera and falsa prodigia and remains careful as for the interpretation which one can give them, but he doesn't show any real scepticism. His reflection on the Fatum lets think that he reconciles astrological fatalism with the stoic design of the destiny. The tacitean Fatum reveals a cosmological order born of the tension between determinism and human freedom, fate and chance. In Tacitus'opinion, ira deorum shows the role of the gods: they punish those whocan put at evil the order of the Roman community, they mark the limits not to be crossed, because to commit a crime can constitute a stain which is likely to stick to the respublica and to break the agreement between Rome and the celestial forces.

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