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Authors: Tamás Ruttkay, László Bárány, András Grimm, Lajos Patonay, Örs Petneházy, Gergely Rácz, Gábor Baksa and Zoltán Galajda


Many coronary anastomotic devices have been designed to replace manual stitching in coronary surgery; however, interestingly, none of them became widespread. Our aim was to work out an easy and fast endoluminal vessel-to-vessel stent bridge distal anastomotic technique.

Materials and methods

Ten coronary arteries of eight fresh human hearts were used in this study. The anastomosis was performed with the implantation of a graft vessel into the lumen of the coronary artery by performing stent fixation. The technique is described and photo documented in detail. The durability and the conductibility of the anastomosis were examined with intraluminal endoscopy, functional streaming test, and a coloring of the vessels.


The anastomosis had great results in all cases. Obstruction, dissection, or dislocation of the vessels was not observable.


This study confirmed the ex-vivo feasibility of the described technique. This method can be an easy, fast, and reliable method applied in the endoscopic distal coronary artery anastomosis surgery. The development of stents adapted to this method and the in-vivo testing of this technique are necessary for the future.

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