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  • Author or Editor: G. Molnár-Sáska x
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The relation between isoperimetric properties and Laplacian spectra of weighted graphs is investigated. The vertices are classified into k clusters with „few" inter-cluster edges of „small" weights (area) and „similar" cluster sizes (volumes). For k=2 the Cheeger constant represents the minimum requirement for the area/volume ratio and it is estimated from above by v?1(2-?1), where ?1 is the smallest positive eigenvalue of the weighted Laplacian. For k?2 we define the k-density of a weighted graph that is a generalization of the Cheeger constant and estimated from below by Si=1 k-1?i and from above by c2 Si=1 k-1 ?i, where 0<?1=…=Sk-1 are the smallest Laplacian eigenvalues and the constant c?1 depends on the metric classification properties of the corresponding eigenvectors. Laplacian spectra are also related to canonical correlations in a probabilistic setup.

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