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The paper presents a modified version of the T.E.A.M. Problem No. 32 of the Compumag Society. The original problem is a measurement arrangement to study the magnetic flux density distribution inside an EI ferrite core. A finite element simulation of the device in the frame of COMSOL Multiphysics using the A -formulation has been worked out. First, the device has been realized, and a LabVIEW program has been implemented to measure the waveform of the voltage of B-coils. The geometry and the solution of the problem have been implemented in the frame of COMSOL Multiphysics, to calculate magnetic flux density at the points, where B-coils are on the core.

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The paper deals with high frequency simulations with edge finite element method realized with PETSc functions. The weak formulations of the high frequency simulations are derived from Maxwell’s equations in frequency domain. To reduce the calculation time, the finite element method was implemented in PETSc environment. The realized simulation environments were validated with simple examples, which analytically can be calculated.

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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Miklós Kuczmann, Tamás Budai, Gergely Kovács, Dániel Marcsa, Gergely Friedl, Péter Prukner, Tamás Unger and György Tomozi

In the frame of the project TÁMOP 4.2.2.A, at the Széchenyi István University, the goal is to work out a new finite element package for the simulation and optimization of permanent magnet synchronous motors. These motors are then used to drive new electric cars. The aim of the two dimensional package is the fast numerical modeling of these electric devices by the use of free tools presented in the paper. Of course, the software is aimed to use it in the simulation of other devices, and three dimensional problems, as well.

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