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Authors: H. K. Berger, P. Baufeld, A. Pajmon, P. Reynauld, P. Sivicek, C. C. Ulvee and G. Urek

In 1998-1999 a detection survey on the presence of the western corn root­worm (WCR) Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte was conducted in Austria, Germany, France, Slovakia and Slovenia. In these countries, the primary monitoring tool was the Hungarian pheromone trap.  According to the results, no WCR adults were detected in these countries. It is assumed that Austria, Germany, France, Slovakia and Slovenia are probably free of this destructive maize pest.

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Authors: G. G. M. Schulten, C. R. Edwards, J. Igrc Barcic, H. Berberovic, H. K. Berger, H. Festic, J. Kiss, G. Princzinger and I. Vonica

A Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP)was undertaken on the western corn rootworm (WCR)in 1997 –1998 to establish a permanent moni- toring network,evaluate a containment and control program,test the feasibility and effectiveness of using a Slam ®-based areawide pest management program,develop training materials,and conduct a risk assessment of the potential for WCR spread and establishment in other areas of Europe.TCP countries were Bosnia-Her- zegovina,Croatia,Hungary,and Romania.Bulgaria and Yugoslavia cooperated as unofficial TCP members. The data from the permanent monitoring network showed that the WCR had spread over an area of about 105,600 km 2 in Central Europe and that economic populations had developed on 14,000 km 2 in Yugoslavia through 1998.The containment and control trapping program,although designed to determine the feasibility of restricting the establishment of WCR beetles in an area,did not prove to be successful due to the number of WCR beetles encountered and their rapid movement into previously uninfested areas.The areawide pest management activity showed that the semiochemical Slam was highly efficacious against WCR beetles with residual activity for up to 2 weeks,thus making it a cost-effective alternative to other controls.Also, investigations showed that WCR will continue to spread and establish in other parts of Europe.

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