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The authors describe the determination of the SiO2, Al2O3, Na2O, SO3 and moisture contents of finely dispersed silicic acids and silicates by means of thermochemical methods. Special interest is paid to the determination of SiO2 and Al2O3 as well as to the advantages of the method and to disturbing factors. The possibility of using kinetic-catalytic analysis with thermometric end-point detection for Cu and Mn determination is discussed. In the second part of the paper the authors deal with the heat of wetting and heat of immersion of finely dispersed silicic acid, and give data for their determination under circumstances of industrial analysis too. Differences in the heats of wetting were found for the different types of silicic acid. These studies require further measurements to be made.

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Besides dispersity and morphology, structural characteristics are of importance for the estimation of amorphous synthetic silicic acids with regard to their application. The present publication shows that it is possible to identify the different silicic acid types on the basis of thermoanalytical studies. The TG and DTA results provide information on the type and quantity of adsorbed or chemically bound water, and on the oxidative decomposition of the organic coating agent.

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