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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1250\deff0\deflang1038\deflangfe1038\deftab708{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fprq2\fcharset0 Times-AH;}} \viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1024\f0\fs24 In order to monitor the spread and population density of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte in the Serbian territory, Hungarian Csalomon pheromone traps were used as the primary monitoring tool in 1998. Out of 515 locations, adults were detected at 437 locations. Compared to 1997, the western corn rootworm population increased. In 1998, the area infested by D. virgifera virgifera was approximately 61,400 km2. The population increased at a slower rate than in previous years, probably due to extremely hot and dry weather. A population of economic importance was recorded on an area that measured 14,000 km2. Within this area, 455.13 km2 (45,513 ha) of damaged corn was reported. The estimated corn yield loss varied from 1% to 70%, but in most fields, the estimated yield loss was approximately 30%. Control recommendations, based on the number of captured WCR adults, are being considered for 1999 in monoculture corn as well as in continuous corn. \par }

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