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This paper shows the logic of the normative aspects underlying social futuring, defined as a social entity’s creative intention to comprehend the world, its ability to get things done, and to control its destiny. We assume that the ultimate goal of social entities is to enable a good life in a unity of order that is worth preserving and reproducing. We start with the concept of “personhood” for both human beings and social personae. We review ancient and modern formulations regarding the summum bonum and other concepts with regard to the balance between the needs of social entities and their individual members. Focusing on the oikeiósis enterprise, we distill four necessary and sufficient features of human life (Attachment, Care [Material Advancement and Freedom], Security, and Contentment). We suggest that these features provide an appropriate normative basis for measuring the status and evaluating the changes in the state of affairs of a social entity. Finally, we provide an overview of the pillars and social layers that may create the basis for the development of the Social Futuring Index (SFI).

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Authors: Petra Aczél, János Csák and Zoltan Oszkar Szanto
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