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The pseudobinary systems ACl/NdCl3 (A=Na-Cs) were reinvestigated by means of DTA. The following double chlorides were found primarily detected compounds are underlined):Na 3Nd5Cl18; K3NdCl6, K2NdCl5,KNd 2Cl7;Rb 3NdCl6, Rb2NdCl5,RbNd 2Cl7; Cs3NdCl6,Cs 2NdCl5,CsNd 2Cl7.

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Periodica Mathematica Hungarica
Authors: J. Fink, M. Jacobson, L. Kinch and J. Roberts
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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: P. Byszewski, E. Kowalska, R. Diduszko, R. Aleksiyko, M. Berkowski, J. Fink-Finowicki and J. Kapuśniak


The solid solution crystals, La1–xNdxGaO3 and La1–xPrxGaO3 have been studied by differential scanning calorimetry method; the crystals exhibit the first order phase transition, the temperature of the transition linearly increases with the concentration of Pr or Nd. The structure of the crystals has been determined by X-ray diffraction. The correlation between the phase transition temperature and crystalline structure at the temperature of the phase transition in both solid solution families is discussed.

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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Authors: R. L. Brodzinski, R. A. Craig, S. D. Fink, W. K. Hensley, N. O. Holt, M. A. Knopf, E. A. Lepel, O. D. Mullen, S. R. Salaymeh, T. J. Samuel, J. E. Smart, M. R. Tinker and D. D. Walker


An online monitor has been designed, built, and tested that is capable of measuring the residual transuranic concentrations in processed high-level wastes with a detection limit of 370 Bq/ml (10 nCi/ml) in less than six hours. The monitor measures the (α,n) neutrons in the presence of gamma-ray fields up to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h). The optimum design was determined by Monte Carlo modeling and then tempered with practical engineering and cost considerations. A multiplicity counter is used in data acquisition to reject the large fraction of coincident and highly variable cosmic-ray-engendered background events and results in an S/N ratio ~1.

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